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Katya Nosova

International Athlete and Lifestyle Coach

I’m Katya (‘Kah-tee-yah”) and together we are about to begin the journey to reach your health and fitness goals! This is all about YOU, but here are a few things about me and my journey so far.

I was born in town of Ryazan, located in the central Russia. At the age of 16 my parents decided to move to NZ so here I am now living my life in the beautiful city of sails Auckland.

Sport has always been a massive part of my life ever since I started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of seven. I used to be a competitive rhythmic gymnast until the age of 22. The highlight of my career was winning Gold while representing New Zealand in the Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championship 2010 in Melbourne. Unfortunately, my repeat injuries forced me to leave the gymnastics scene.

When I quit I felt empty because what once was a huge part of my life was now just a gap in my day. I was desperately trying to find a hobby to fill that gap, but nothing matched the high that competing brought me. A couple of years later I met my now fiancé and he was already into bodybuilding.

In 2013 I joined the gym for the first time ever to help my fiancé achieve his dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder. Before I knew it I was going to gym twice a day every day and absolutely loving it. I found my passion. I found what I was missing since quitting gymnastics. I am now a competitive bodybuilder and 2018 is my fifth year competing. I am honoured to hold the status of the only New Zealand athlete ever to win at the Arnold Classic USA; as well as being the top bodybuilding athlete in the Asia Pacific by placing 8th at Ms Olympia the most prestigious professional bodybuilding event.

Throughout my whole life, I have always enjoyed engaging in sport and now would like to pursue my career in health and fitness industry. I have always had a keen interest and have felt very passionately when it comes to coaching others and sharing my knowledge and experience.

Helping‬ others is my passion! I love seeing my clients ‪‎grow‬ and achieve their ‪personal goals‬. I love seeing progress in others and I find it even more satisfying than seeing my own progress! It is an amazing feeling to see that my unique approach to fitness is helping others to get great results.

I have 6 years of coaching experience in gymnastics- from 5 years old to teenagers (both in Russia and NZ); I worked in two primary schools with 6 year olds teaching them the basics of gymnastics. I also have experience working with bikini competitors, gym newbies, people wanting to gain weight/ build muscle, and those wanting to lose weight/ fat.

I personally design all training and nutrition plans to allow you to build the body that you have always dreamed of with the resources you have available. With the help of those personalized plans you will now be able to easily incorporate fitness into your lifestyle.

Get started today. Let’s work together!

Competition History

March 2018

Arnold Classic Australia Bikini Pro (participation by invite only) – 6th Place

March 2018

Arnold Classic USA IFBB Bikini Pro (participation by invite only) – 10th Place

November 2017

Ferrigno Legacy IFBB Bikini Pro – 4th Place

November 2017

Iron Games IFBB Bikini Pro – 1st Place

September 2017

Ms Bikini Olympia (top professional bodybuilding event) – 8th in the world

June 2017

Omaha Championship IFBB Bikini Pro – 3rd Place

June 2017

Nor Cal Championships IFBB Bikini Pro – 1st Place

October 2015

Europa Games IFBB Bikini Pro – 7th Place

October 2015

Ft Lauderdale IFBB Bikini Pro – 6th Place

March 2015

Arnold Classic Amateur USA 2014 – Bikini Class Winner

March 2015

Earned IFBB PRO card

March 2015

NZ PRO/AM 2015 – Overall Bikini Champion

October 2014

NZ Nationals 2014 Bikini Champion

August 2014

Auckland Championship 2014 – Overall Bikini Champion

March 2014

NZ PRO/AM 2014 – Overall Bikini Novice Champion


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