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One on One Posing Session with Katya



Presentation is key in bikini competitions and competitions can be won on “stage presence”. Stage presence is very important and posing is a huge part of it. It’s where each competitor distinguishes herself. Some say it’s where the personality of the competitor comes out. Let me help you find YOUR unique perfect posing routine.

I recommend at least 3 individual posing sessions, and to participate in group posing classes. Posing is all about how you hold yourself on stage, which involves walking, personality, arm and hair movement, facial expressions and many more details. You will get a full routine your first posing session. The second session will be focused on putting more personality into the routine and show scenarios. The third session will be show scenarios and fine tuning the routine (physique may change during prep so poses might change).

*Session will run for a period of 1 hour. Sessions will run in Katya’s private studio based in Greenlane, Auckland.  

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