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Sarah Elliott

I started posing with Katya 9 weeks before Auckland Champs 2015. I really needed help with my stage presence and confidence. We came up with a routine and just practiced each week until we had it perfected! I then went on to win overall Bikini at Auckland Champs 2015, bikini is about the whole package and my posing and confidence is what really made me stand out! Nationals 2015 we took the posing to the next level taking out 1st place in my open bikini class.

Through to the ProAm 2016 where I placed 2nd. Katya also gave me some great glute exercises that helped leading up to Nationals. She is a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about bodybuilding and truly loves seeing people succeed with their goals.

Sheena Matheson

I approached Katya for help after I had my first baby. I had been weight training for around 3 years and would have referred to myself as an experienced/knowledgeable gym bunny. Whilst pregnant I lost a lot of muscle mass due to suffering from HG. The reason I approached Katya was I had watched and admired her progress on Facebook over the past 2 years.

What I love about Katya’s programme is its 100% tailored to your goals, equipment available, time, ability etc. As well as giving/emailing you your programme, she takes the time to meet you at the gym and carefully goes through each exercise, emphasizing technique, mind to muscle connection and really squeezing the muscle. She makes sure you fully understand and are confident with each exercise before moving on.

Her support doesn’t just end there. Katya checks in on your progress regularly and is always happy to answer any questions etc.
After going through my entire weeks programme once I was feeling parts of my muscles I had never felt before.

What I had spent years trying to achieve with my glutes/hamstrings occurred within weeks of following Katya’s programme!!!

Eira Jones

Working with Katya throughout my prep I always felt supported. Katya is very honest, reliable, kind and driven, and she always works hard to ensure that her clients posing routines are tailored to suit them as an individual. She enables you to work in partnership with her and values her client’s opinions and contributions very strongly. Throughout my bikini competition preps, Katya made the conscious effort to catch up with me on a regular basis. She was also very organised in terms of scheduling posing practice, and would more the often take time out of her own busy schedule to make the additional effort to organise extra practice sessions. Katya is very proactive in providing constructive feedback to her clients and works hard to provide additional support where necessary.

Additionally, when training with Katya she always aims to develop a programme and workout plan that is specific to her client’s goals. Katya also incorporates a variety of training styles and exercises throughout her programmes and is always developing and growing her training knowledge, and sharing this knowledge with her clients.

Katie Fisher

I’m one of those girls who has always had two left feet. No matter how many dance classes I did I never got the hang of rhythm. In the description of ‘Katie’ no one would have ever described me as graceful or sassy. That is until I met the lovely Katya. Katya helped me prepare my posing routine for my first show. She taught me how to add little hair flicks here and there, how to smile and what poses accentuated my strengths. She calmed my nerves, gave me awesome feedback and helped me practise until I had everything perfect.

I placed second in my show, which I definitely couldn’t have achieved without Katya’s help in perfecting my stage routine. I’ve also had the pleasure of training with Katya and that girl I tell you has made my glutes hurt in places I didn’t know I had glutes. I am lucky to have met Katya she is patient and kind and always willing to give you encouragement and feedback. I am proud to call her not just a posing teacher, bodybuilding mentor, glute teacher but a friend as well. Thank you Katya for all your hard work in helping me. I will never forget how much help you gave me during my prep.

Jessica Allsop

I was 8 weeks out from my first NZIFBB competition, preparing for Novice Bikini class. I was fortunate enough for Katya to approach me first via messenger and I met up with her from there. I’ve been a dancer all my life but nothing compares to posing! Katya made me feel really comfortable, happy and made me laugh. I saw her for two posing sessions in her studio and she found poses for me that were unique and flattered my body shape. When it came to show day she gathered us girls together and we all practiced posing before going on stage to release some nerves.

I definitely recommend Katya to help anyone with posing no matter how much experience you have. It’s an added benefit that she looked incredible during her previous competitions, through posing techniques. Katya taught me the importance of stage presence, character and confidence and without her I don’t think I would have qualified for Arnolds or Nationals. I’ll be seeing her for my next competition for sure.

Elle Dalton

When I first started my prep for my first NZIFBB competition in October 2015, I didn’t have a clue about posing or anything to do with the stage. My goal was to compete and see what I could achieve with my body. Katya took me from day 1 and taught me not only how to pose, but how to mentally prepare for a competition. I started my first lesson as a not-so-confident unsure bikini girl, to a confident and excited competitor with the help and support of a great coach.

Katya tailored my routine to suit who I was and what poses I felt most comfortable doing. She also taught me how to have sass, strut and stage presence!
I ended up winning both novice and open tall bikini in my first show, and placing second in novice bikini at nationals a week later. 6 months later we made a new routine for my next show where I placed 1st in open tall bikini. I know 100% that I could not have achieved this without the help of Katya and I am so grateful for everything she taught me.

I look forward to many more posing sessions with Katya and future competitions to come.

Kirsten Vaughan

I contacted Katya with very short notice and really thought it was a long shot that she’d be able to fit me in for posing coaching. That wasn’t the case at all – she was so accommodating and willing to help me – going out of her way to coach me at the apartment I was staying at!

Katya happily shared her experience and skills and helped improve my posing immensely offering constructive critique and encouragement. She really went above and beyond and I’m very grateful for her help. I highly recommend Katya for posing coaching.

Teresa Bell

I contacted Katya after seeing some of her clients at nationals and how confident and sassy they were on stage. I had seen photos of Katya competing and her stage presence and confidence inspired me.

I had never had a one on one posing session so was not sure what to expect, but from beginning to finish Katya made this process easy.
Katya took into consideration my shape and posing experience and helped to create my own stage routine that I could feel confident with. Katya genuinely wanted to help and shared her experiences with me in my preparation for the Arnold Classic Melbourne.

Katya went above and beyond finding out what posing was required and making sure my routine fit the criteria.
Katya is far more than just a coach giving you a typical posing routine she really has her clients best interests at heart, I felt far more confident with my posing for seeking her guidance and would recommend her to anyone wanting a stage winning performance.

Esleigh Saxe

Katya helped me with my posing for the Counties Manukau Show. Her helped made such a difference and I felt so much more confident on the day compared to my first show. I highly recommend her and I will be getting her to help me again for nationals. She really goes the extra mile in ensuring that you look your best on stage. She was also very honest which is something I really appreciated. I look forward to more posing sessions with her.